Faith Is A Risk

“A significant amount of risk is involved in trusting God in all things, relationships, choices, and decisions. Risk, after all, is part of the very nature of faith.” It can be hard to fathom faith and what it entails. To have faith can be defined as, complete trust or confidence in someone or something. & …

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There is so much one could say about prayer. Prayer can do big things, or small. Prayer is also connection. Connection with the most important Being in the entire universe. How ever big that even is. With prayer, comes humility. It allows us to lower ourselves and come to a God that is so much …

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I ‘Need’ A Sign!

Far too often I have had seen or heard people ‘needing’ a sign that God is there. They ‘need’ to see to believe. They ‘need’ something to hold on to so that when it comes to believing in Him that they can absolutely, 100%, not deny the possibility. This has come across my path because …

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Just Passing Through

I said, ‘Here I am, here I am’ Isaiah 65:1 Recently when I opened by Bible, I was brought to Isaiah chapter 65, and I decided that it would be neat to show you all what was brought to my attention during my study. This may be an Old Testament reading, but no matter where …

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