The foundation is the base starting point to anything you are desiring to build. This beginning piece will be an essential factor before you go on to the next levels of your project. How do we make sure the foundation is built the way we need it to be, to withstand every storm?  It must …

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Today let us examine our relationships. Which ones? All of them. Your relationship with God should be first in your life. If this is not the case for you, then this is one area in your life you must cater to first and foremost. Next, if you have a spouse, you and them have become …

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Have you ever took the time to think about deception? Maybe most of us have but we never think that we ourselves could be the ones who fall into the trap(s). We live in a world where a lot of information is shown to us in such a speedily, vast, and in an ever-increasing obstacle. …

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Hey! How are you all? I know it has been quite some time since I have reached out here on my blog. My sincere apologies to you all. If you are still here checking in or stopping by for reference, thank you and you are always welcome here. Today, I thought I would write a …

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