Let’s dance

I have been wanting to talk about this for a few days now. Lately, I have been learning about what being a new creature in Christ is truly all about. Let us look at this mini devotional to begin our conversation and brainstorm our minds: “As we close 2020, reflect on the many times you …

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This life can be hard sometimes. We cry out to the Lord and plead to take us out of it. “Is it time?” “Why am I here?” “Nothing seems to be going right.” “People make me tired.” The list continues. & even though at times, the dark areas of life is all we can see, …

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Old Friends, New Life

Have you ever lost someone extremely close to you? That go-to person when you felt down, or even when you have something exciting to tell? Someone who you expected to be there forever, yet they seemed to have left in a mere moment. Things like this happen far more often than we realize. We don’t …

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Repent. This is the word the Lord has given me. It must be important to Him, therefore it has become important to me. What does it mean to repent? The term metanoia is a Greek translation which means change in ones ways, or change of heart. Do we have to repent? The answer is in …

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